You have a great product or service, now what?

How do you get that product or service out to the masses for them to weigh in on their opinion of what you have created? For the sake of this discussion let’s call your product the “Rubber Band”. You have this great Rubber Band Product and you want everyone to know about it, all you must do is get it in front of them. Well, it’s a little more complicated even in today’s social media society where you can Instagram, Facebook or Tweet your product all over the place.

The Brand & Identity

Since this product doesn’t have a name or identity, the product must be branded so others will come to know it as something other than the “Rubber Band”, obviously the rubber band has been around for a long time. Your product is way cooler, it is a neon pink rubber band that has limitless stretching potential.

Research Time

Now we need to see what names are available in the market while simultaneously thinking about which would resonate best with our target audience. Pick a couple of names that reflect the products personality.

Keep it Short and Memorable

Now a little more research. You have a few names for the rubber band run the names by the target audience and see what they think. Once you narrow then down you are on the hunt for a domain name. The domain name is the URL that will ultimately take you to your website. You should always try and acquire the exact name of the product or service you are branding.

Let’s look at the example of our rubber band product. We have two names that we are trying to decide between, the first is “Uband” and the second is “Rband”, both resonated well with our target audience but the domain is taken. Luckily is available! If neither was available, you should never try and addon to the product name. Adding on to the product will break the products brand and identity. Although, there are reasons to purchase similar domains but that is a separate story on its own.

Let’s Start Branding

Rband is now the name of your state of the art, neon pink rubber band and you have acquired the domain. You are on a role but you still don’t have the product in front of your customer. The journey has just started, we now need to look at how your brand will Stand Alone in a crowded room with similar products. This includes developing Rbands story, honing in even further on your target audience all while creating spectacular visuals and brand style guides.  You will also get a nifty logo with a great color palette and ultimately a brand that will engage and sell.

This is a very concise version of part of what goes into developing a brand. If you want to chat about branding a product or service, give us a call or send us an email.

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