Consumers process information with both sides of the brain, the logical and emotional. Logic purchases require a lot more time to process and we ultimately end up purchasing many products through emotional responses. Those emotional responses called impulse buys are your brains response to how the product has been branded. Companies appeal to this emotional response in many forms targeting your 5 traditional senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. The first two senses, sight and hearing, can be targeted remotely. The last three, taste, smell and touch, are localized to one’s person. Although it can be said that the three localized senses may induce a higher emotional response, those senses would be difficult to use for digital marketing purposes.

Visual design speaks to your customer by using sight to spark an emotional response that will prompt them to perform an action.  As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a compelling image or graphic and couple it with a targeted headline that speaks to your customer and you have an instant emotional response. For example, when KFC ran out of chicken in 2018. Thanks to problems with new distributors, KFC ended up temporarily closing almost 900 restaurants. The colonel handled the issue by creating a print ad apology that instantly went viral due to its imagery, messaging and simplicity.

This visual masterpiece from IKEA is self-explanatory. Buy chairs on Valentines day? It increases new product awareness and provides a memorable takeaway. The next time you are in the market for furniture this IKEA ad will be in the back of your mind.

Creating a strong visual that creates an emotional response is key to any digital marketing campaign. Visual design can be taken a step further through video. Video touches upon two of the five senses, sight and sound. If you want to see some great visual design in video check out the upcoming Superbowl marketing advertisements. The bottom line is that great visual design sells. The next time you are making a purchase, keep an eye or an ear out (pun intended) for what appeals to your senses. Are you purchasing based on emotion or logic?

Promote your business through visual design.

Try throwing some concepts together. You don’t have to be professional designer or marketer to put some stick drawings together on a page with some messaging and come up with an awesome idea. If you need a professional to take your concept to fruition we are here to assist. We would welcome the opportunity to hear your concept and bring it to life for you. Stimulate potential customers through visual design and get the response you are looking for with Stand Alone Design.

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