In today’s high-tech, algorithm rich, space we call the internet there are many things that draw attention and serve content to the people on the other side of the computer screen of your website. They maybe drawn in by an intricate image or an interesting article with a headline that is on point or a mind-blowing graphic design that begs the user to ask, how did they do that? Either way, there is one thing that all these snippets of information on the internet all have in common, all the information is rich in content that is relevant, original and trending.

Original, relevant and trending content.

So you have a website and that is a great first step to marketing your business. Now just because you built a functional and beautiful website for your business does not mean as the saying goes, if you build it they will come. If you build it and the search engines find original, relevant and trending content then and only then will you attract organic leads from google, yahoo or bing. The question becomes where do you get original content?

3 ways to obtain original content for your website, blog, newsletter or white papers.

  1. The first method is the best way to derive original content, write it yourself! You are the leading expert on business trends and client needs in your industry. The only caveat to this is writing your own content requires time. As all entrepreneurs know that time is not a virtue to the small or medium sized business. Your time should be spent devising new and interesting products or services to attract new clients.
  2. The half and half method: Copywriter and business owner duo. You will be the paint, the copywriter the brush and the internet the canvas. Copywriters are great, just make sure that you describe in detail what you want the copywriter to convey on your behalf. If you find a great copywriter, hold on to them because they are difficult to come by.
  3. Finally, you can hire a professional marketing agency such as Stand Alone Design. A professional marketing agency knows how to maneuver your content within search engine parameters. Content marketing is an art form that requires the marketer to understand both the product/service being promoted and how the search engine interprets the content so that it registers as highly visible on the web. Content is always king, the more content you have on the web the further your reach to attract new customers becomes. Content is not limited to the written word, content is photos, videos, presentations and interactions on social media.

Get your content out there!

So now that you have your content get it up on your website, blog or social media. Your content will get you noticed by potential customers and provide you with organic leads. If you need assistance creating marketing content, website design, email marketing to help boost your business contact Stand Alone Design and we are happy to have a chat about your business needs.


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